Waitlist Policy and Procedure

Rippleton Roadsters Childcare Program offers child care for children from all communities and according to our priority schedule which is outlined in the parent handbook. Each year our families are given an opportunity to re-register in order to keep their position in the child care center.

Once registration has ended and the spaces have filled we will begin our waiting list. The waiting list remains in place for the current year and a new list begins with every registration. Rippleton Roadsters Child Care does not enforce a fee in order to enter onto our waiting list

Parents who are interested in adding their child to our waiting list must go to our website at www.rippletonroadsters.ca and enter all their information. their information will be secure and confidential and not shared with anyone. Once their information has been received it will be put into priority and according to the date and time it was received.

RRCCP does not charge a fee to be added to our waiting list.

A child's position on the waiting list will be maintained until they reach the top of the list and a space in the appropriate age group becomes available.  Once the child reaches the top of the list RRCCP will contact the parent to offer them the available spot. The parent has 24 hours to accept or decline the spot.  Should they not accept the space at the time, they could request their name remain on the list.  Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent to offer the spot.  No response will indicate that the spot has been declined. 

Once the spot has been accepted the child’s name will be removed from the waiting list and begin the registration process. If the parent chooses to withdraw once the registration process has begun their name may be re-enter to the bottom of the waiting list for another time if they choose.


  • Children currently attending Rippleton Roadsters Child Care or Satellite Program
  • Siblings of children currently attending Rippleton Roadsters Child Care or Satellite Program 
  • Children that live in the Rippleton Public School or St. Bonaventure Catholic School designated attendance area 
  • Children of all other communities 

Parents of children who reside outside your home school’s designated attendance area, are advised to contact the school about the policy, procedures and deadlines for Optional Attendance applications. If you are in our program and out of area you may be accepted into the school however this is not guaranteed. If you are accepted into the school and to the childcare program you MUST REMAIN ENROLLED IN THE CHILDCARE TO CONTINUE AT THE SCHOOL.

Please visit www.tdsb.on.ca or www.tcdsb.org for additional information. 

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