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Parental Involvement


Congratulations on joining the Board of

Directors of Rippleton Roadsters Child Care Program. This board manual has been
designed to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the organization, roles
and responsibilities of being a Board Member. 


Take a moment to ask yourself why you
volunteered to be on the Board.

  • ​ To give something back to your child's school? 
  • To have an impact on programming? 
  • To help raise funds?
  • To gain valuable experience? 


People join the Board of Directors for many
different reasons however to be a successful and effective board it is
essential that all members understand and respect the legal roles and
responsibilities of being a board member.  Which is why it is important for you to read
through the following document, write down any question you might have, and be
prepared to discuss  the material at the
upcoming board orientation.