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Board of Directors​

Welcome to the Board

Directors of Rippleton Roadsters Child Care Program. This board manual has been designed to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the organization, roles

and responsibilities of being a Board Member. 


Take a moment to ask yourself why you
volunteered to be on the Board. 

  • ​To give something back to your child's school? 
  • To have an impact on programming? 
  • To help raise funds?
  • To gain valuable experience? 


People join the Board of Directors for many different reasons however to be a successful and effective board it is essential that all members understand and respect the legal roles and responsibilities of being a board member.  Which is why it is important for you to read through the following document, write down any question you might have, and be prepared to discuss  the material at the upcoming board orientation.


The Board of Directors consists of elected members who meet at regularly scheduled meetings once per month, for ten months.  The meetings are held in the evening and generally last two hours.  The meetings are conducted in a professional manner, incorporating parliamentary procedure.

The desired size of the Board is a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 9 volunteer members.  Ideally, 80% of these members represent active parent volunteers. The balance of Board membership is composed of members from the community at large. To serve on the Executive a Board Member must serve on the Board for a minimum of

two consecutive years.


The Board is legally responsible for administering the business affairs of RRCCP on behalf of the members;

  • Strategic planning and direction​
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Legal requirements and accountability ​​
  • Ensure financial solvency of the organization
  • Human Resource Management ​​
  • Monitoring, auditing, and evaluating
  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Community relations
  • Committees
  • Succession Planning


  • ​Use their particular level of skill, knowledge and personal experience in carrying out their responsibilities
  • Act honestly and in the best interests of the Centre
  • Adhere and comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Adhere and comply with the Code of Ethics and Whistleblower Policy
  • Adhere and comply with the Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Policy 
  • Adhere to the Board code of Conduct 
  • Declare a conflict of interest if there is a conflict between the interests of the Centre and the personal interests of a Board Member in accordance with the Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Know the by-laws and be aware of the Corporations Act as by-laws may contravene the Act
  • Attend meetings regularly and review all reports and correspondence from licensing authorities have  quorum of half the voting directors is required at all meetings for conducting business
  • Make financial and personnel decisions based on knowledge and professional counsel​ if appropriate