Our centre strives to provide a peanut free Child Care Program, we appreciate your help in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all the children.  Please refrain in sending food/snacks with your children to Child Care.

Rippleton Roadsters provides a variety of snacks throughout the day and a hot catered lunch from Halpter Catering.  If your child requires specific dietary needs, please contact the Child Care Office and we will ensure that their needs are met.

Any outside food brought in from home will be removed from your child and returned at the end of the day or when they go home. 


In the event that your child requires an Epi-Pen for anaphylactic shock, you are required to inform RRCCP and complete an anaphylaxis form and emergency plan prior to your child entering our program. You will be required to review your child's plan with the Executive Director who will then review the plan with the staff. You will be required to supply two epi-pens for your child. These pens will remain within the child are at all times. The epi-pens will be stored in a pouch labeled with our child's name. This pouch will be carried by your child's teacher and will follow your child during their time in our care.

The child care's epi-pens will not follow your child to other programs (i.e. school). It is the parents' responsibility to provide additional epi-pens for the school. In order to ensure your child's safety, his/her picture will be posted in two locations, the main staff closet and the child care office.


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